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Green Wellies (In My Shoes #3)

This is a cross-post from my art blog.

There are two things that wellies have every right to be: green, and muddy. These fit the bill.
(They don’t, however, fit me. They belong to my son, who has yet to catch up with me in foot size. And his name is not Bill, as it happens.)
Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 30 cm.

Don’t forget the charity auction for the Cowboy Boots!

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In My Shoes

Hotter shoes - "Artemis". Discontinued. Darn.Parkinson’s UK, the largest UK charity devoted to curing and caring for people affected by Parkinson’s, has a theme for this year’s Parkinson’s Awareness Week: “In My Shoes”. It’s about explaining what it’s like to have Parkinson’s, and it’s about shoes. Because shoes are easier to illustrate.

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