Blogging with Parkinson's

A personal perspective on Young Onset Parkinson's


Selected links:

  • Parkinson’s UK – the main support and research charity for Parkinson’s in the UK.
    A great source of information with a lively set of forums.
  • Parkinson’s Movement – Patient-led, focussed on research, this vibrant new organisation is an attempt to engage people with Parkinson’s with their own futures.
  • EPDA (European Parkinson’s Disease Association) – the European umbrella organisation for Parkinson’s disease. It represents 45 member organisations (including Parkinson’s UK) and is the advocate for the rights and needs of over 1.2 million people with Parkinson’s and their families.
  • Parkinson’s Voices – a European site that aims to give a voice to people with Parkinson’s. Sponsored by UCB, a Belgian pharmaceutical company.
  • Michael J. Fox Foundation – Michael J. Fox was famously diagnosed while he was a working actor, and has since become an outspoken advocate for research into Parkinson’s. His foundation raises money and funds research projects around the world; it also raises awareness.

Blogs by other Parkies:


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  1. oooo I’m a link! thanks 🙂

  2. Hey! I just realised that we hadn’t spoken for a while, but I gone and dun writ a book, and also move my blog to

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