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Mervyn Peake Awards 2012 – the awards ceremony – some extra stuff

After all the excitement of yesterday’s event, and writing it up in the wee small hours as I did, I completely forgot to include:

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Chiclet Keyboards and Recalcitrant Touch Pads

I have a new laptop. It’s very nice, but I really don’t like the keyboard. It’s one of those “chiclet” keyboards (the name is something to do with American chewing gum) that are supposed to save space and be generally wonderful. Well, I don’t like it. I was already having trouble hitting the keys on the left hand side hard enough – now it seems that I can’t hit any key hard enough. And it really is this keyboard, or this type of keyboard; I’ve been using a desktop elsewhere, and that is just fine and dandy (with the possible exception of those tricky A’s). Continue reading


Intelligence and Parkinson’s (2)

In my last post, I discovered that at least one group of researchers had found that your risk of developing Parkinson’s increases with your level of education (which is standing in for intelligence as I’m not sure how trustworthy intelligence tests really are). Continue reading


Intelligence and Parkinson’s (1)

I did a cursory search for any correlation between Parkinson’s and intelligence when I asked the question Is There a Parkinson’s Personality? I wasn’t really expecting to find anything, and, indeed, I didn’t. However, a phrase in the article on increased artistic activity associated with dopaminergic therapy made me wonder about a related factor: the level of education.

“… With the only exception of a higher level of education, patients with PD did not differ from [Healthy Controls] in terms of any demographic variables.”

While it would be facile to suggest that a high level of education invariably indicates a similarly high level of intelligence, there is a tendency for the “cleverer” individuals to progress further along the academic path. And it is much simpler to measure someone’s level of education (leaving aside any suggestion that exams are getting easier) than it is their innate intelligence. Continue reading


Is There a Parkinson’s Personality?

I’ve come across conjecture that a certain type of person is more likely to develop Parkinson’s a number of times now, most recently in the film about Barbara Thompson described in my last post. Barbara’s consultant suggested that people who are in some way driven or obsessed were more likely to get Parkinson’s. Other, vaguer, sources have suggested that Parkies are inherently more intelligent than average.

So I decided to do a quick survey of the literature (or, rather, the abstracts available on the Web). You can skip the details and go straight to the summary if you wish. Continue reading