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Mervyn Peake Awards 2016 – Inspired!

Shelves of Inspiration, acrylic on wooden panel, 40 x 40 cm

This is my winning entry to this year’s multimedia themed category. The theme is “Inspire”. My idea was that I find inspiration in many things – everywhere – and in many ways, and so I created a set of shelves to display them on.

Parkinson’s UK’s official announcement is here.

I was also shortlisted in the art category with “Ridge”.

Ridge, oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

But my poem didn’t make the grade.

I am illusion

I am illusion,
A 2-d invitation,
To step into, to step right through
The picture plane, to find anew,
Space to be, time to see.

I am distraction,
Reflection and refraction.
See the world through another’s eyes,
Another’s truth, another’s lies.
An other understanding.

I am perspective,
Inherently subjective.
I revolt, revive, reward.
I am everything, nothing, all.
I am life. I am art.




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Mervyn Peake Awards 2015 – the event


Sketches of the chapel at King’s College

This year’s Mervyn Peake Awards was held on Wednesday 26th August at King’s College, the Strand campus, London, a conveniently short walk across the river from Waterloo Station. In the pouring rain… I took an umbrella.

Having arrived in good time, and tolerably dryly, I had time to check out the elaborately decorated chapel. My sketches do not do it justice.

The ceremony itself proceeded as these things do. Speeches were made, winners were congratulated and applauded, and the judges made a few remarks about the judging process, which was an interesting touch.

A light meal was then served (I was hungry by then; it had been a long time since breakfast) and I talked to my neighbours on the table. On one side, there was a young graduate employee of Parkinson’s UK, wonderfully enthusiastic and friendly; on the other, a retired biochemist with a serious interest in art. He has Parkinson’s and his entry to the art category was highly commended – and highy innovative. He and his wife were both lovely to talk to.

Somehow, I didn’t manage to mingle much. Then it was time to leave, via Waterloo Station…

mymy500See my entries here.


Carpe Diem – a Poem called “Ambition”


“The Day the Future Changed”

Ambition dismissed:
Impractical, they insist.
Opportunities missed.

Decision postponed.
Nobody phoned.
Potential disowned.

(Then came the day)
The future all changed.
Yes, my future rearranged,
And nothing was the same again.

(For my life had)
Changed before my eyes;
It took me time to realise
That if I was to be wise:

Ambition – reinstate;
Decisions to make;
Opportunities to take…

Go for it.



Obsession Ink pot
Motion disorder

Sometimes its hard
to do what I oughta

Okay, so it’s not really as bad as all that.

I’m only moderately obsessed with doing art. And maybe a few other things, but less so. But, by golly, they are all so much more interesting than housework. And interesting things are pleasantly distracting, making it easier to ignore the extant symptoms of Parkinson’s.

And those symptoms do make doing stuff more difficult.

Anyway, that little poem is unlikely to make the grade for the Mervyn Peake awards. Entries open on the first of February for Painting, Poetry, Photography and The Themed Category, which is “Together” this year. Oh! and this year you can also enter a book. Better get scribbling…


“Am In Control?” – A Poem

Parkinson’s Awareness Week

(Some of the following is an exaggeration for poetic effect.)

The kids are off school,
Running riot through the house.
Am I in control?
Not really, no.

I’ve spent too much money;
My credit’s all gone.
Am I in control?
Not really, no.

The laundry’s piled high,
And the hoover’s hard to find.
Am I in control?
Not really, no.

I’m stiff and I’m tired,
And my left hand won’t work.
Am I in control?
Not really, no.

My toes curl themselves
So it’s difficult to walk.
Am I in control?
Not really, no.

But paint on the canvas
Goes smooth and as planned.
Am I in control?
Indubitably, yes.

Parkinson’s Awareness Week