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Mervyn Peake Awards 2015 – the event

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Sketches of the chapel at King’s College

This year’s Mervyn Peake Awards was held on Wednesday 26th August at King’s College, the Strand campus, London, a conveniently short walk across the river from Waterloo Station. In the pouring rain… I took an umbrella.

Having arrived in good time, and tolerably dryly, I had time to check out the elaborately decorated chapel. My sketches do not do it justice.

The ceremony itself proceeded as these things do. Speeches were made, winners were congratulated and applauded, and the judges made a few remarks about the judging process, which was an interesting touch.

A light meal was then served (I was hungry by then; it had been a long time since breakfast) and I talked to my neighbours on the table. On one side, there was a young graduate employee of Parkinson’s UK, wonderfully enthusiastic and friendly; on the other, a retired biochemist with a serious interest in art. He has Parkinson’s and his entry to the art category was highly commended – and highy innovative. He and his wife were both lovely to talk to.

Somehow, I didn’t manage to mingle much. Then it was time to leave, via Waterloo Station…

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