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saltmillLast week, I had a brief, but rather alarming, blackout.

Just about to stand up, I collapsed backwards (gently) from kneeling and found myself in a state akin to dreaming for a few seconds. I don’t quite remember the collapse, but my husband was there, and I do remember hearing what he said at the time.

A little cursory reseach revealed that this could be “orthostatic hypotension“, or low blood pressure, particularly when you stand up too quickly.

My local GP (family doctor) took my blood pressure today. Seated, I was a little low but within the bounds of normal; on standing, my blood pressure sank to the sort of level where I may well feel dizzy.

Drug treatment in unsatifactory and neither the doctor nor I wanted to go down that route. I asked what I could do.

“Salt”, he said.

“Eat crisps”, he said.

Unusual medical advice, but easy enough to follow…


11 thoughts on “Blackout

  1. Sorry to hear that, I like your salt mill though…
    I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while since you posted about having issues with your right hand (when you forgot to take your drugs) that I have plenty of issues writing (my Parkinsons is right handed) but I can still draw (doodle would probably be a better word) without too much trouble, it doesn’t seem to be coming from the same part of the brain. I can even write ok if it’s part of a drawing!

    • Thank you for the writing vs drawing observation. It means a lot to me – that you thought to tell me as well as because it’s drawing.

      • I should have told you before, maybe, I just wanted to see how it went, though (that, and also the fact that work is hell at the moment, so it’s hard to actually do anything.) I’m not an artist like you, but I used to draw a lot when I was young. It seems to be ok on paper, but I was getting some annoying wobbles when drawing on a tablet, then realised that on another app it works ok! The only thing is that my hand gets tired after a while (a long while, to be fair)

  2. I am sorry to hear of your blackout, is it related to the medicine you’re on? I hope it was a one off and the salt helps.

    • I’m not sure if it’s Parkinson’s itself (which can cause this), the medication ( which can cause it or excaberate it). I am fairly certain that being very tired was an important factor, and I lay that one at the door of the medicine. I actually went to see the doctor about sleep issues, but they aren’t resolved yet – although he agrees with me about the cause.

      • I’ve had orthostatic hypotension as part of my package of Parkinson’s symptoms. I think it’s fairly common. I collapsed at home when I came back from the pub and woke up with 2 paramedics in the house and my wife in tears.

  3. I didn’t realise that happened to you! Must have been scarey for you x…..I am an expert in the field of crisp knowledge if u need any help picking flavours/varieties!

  4. Several interesting threads. I take it you have a down to earth GP? Can you slow down the standing up?
    Crisps – I suspect the old blue packet of salt is no more (Smith’s Crisps)? Luckily you do have a variety of salt these days e.g. SeaSalt. Some people with hypertension are noted to be salt sensitive. It’s usually plain Table salt. It’s intriguing that PWPs who usually lean forward can paradoxically, also fall backwards. Did you recognise a feeling – dizziness, nausea? If it happens again you may have time to crouch forward, leaving a shorter fall onto a selected surface. Cynically, it can just change the bump on the back of your head to one on your forehead, which, cosmetically, may be more noticeable.

  5. I hope you’re feeling better. My ex received similar advice – he has ME but is prone to collapsing (which doesn’t seem to be related to the ME) and the Dr. told him to eat more salt, too. It seems to help.

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