Blogging with Parkinson's

A personal perspective on Young Onset Parkinson's



saltmillLast week, I had a brief, but rather alarming, blackout.

Just about to stand up, I collapsed backwards (gently) from kneeling and found myself in a state akin to dreaming for a few seconds. I don’t quite remember the collapse, but my husband was there, and I do remember hearing what he said at the time.

A little cursory reseach revealed that this could be “orthostatic hypotension“, or low blood pressure, particularly when you stand up too quickly.

My local GP (family doctor) took my blood pressure today. Seated, I was a little low but within the bounds of normal; on standing, my blood pressure sank to the sort of level where I may well feel dizzy.

Drug treatment in unsatifactory and neither the doctor nor I wanted to go down that route. I asked what I could do.

“Salt”, he said.

“Eat crisps”, he said.

Unusual medical advice, but easy enough to follow…