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Parkinson’s Awareness Week – Thursday and Friday


Is it a (Young-Onset) Parkie trait to take too much on?

There’s a sense of not wanting to miss the opportunities that turn up now, because I won’t be able to take them on later. There’s a refusal to admit that I might not be as capable as I think I am.

But. I put frames on paintings. I made a “slip” for one (it’s a sort of intermediate frame that goes between the frame and the painting. Here it is, complete with frame and painting:

fisher&warriorframedblurryThat one is due to be handed in today for the “INSIGHT” exhibition in Newbury that goes with the Open Studios scheme; all of that kicks off in May.

I’m off to Reading after I’ve taken the kids to school, hand delivered a series of forms to the secondary school that my son will be starting in September and delivered my work for INSIGHT. In Reading, I shall be setting up my stand at the Art Fair. This will involve drilling holes in the stand panel and installing the paintings as well as carting a very full small(ish) car’s worth of stuff into the venue and arranging it all nicely.

Then back home for the afternoon school run before going back out to Reading for the Business Preview at 5:30 and the Private View after that.

Is it too much?

I’ll let you know.


2 thoughts on “Parkinson’s Awareness Week – Thursday and Friday

  1. Hope you manage ok. Why not set a timer on your phone for every couple of hours as a reminder to stop and do a 1-3 minute mindfulness exercise? I find that really helps when I have a lot to do. Good luck.

  2. That does sound like a lot to get done, hope you got through it all. I think your slip is very effective, you are multi-talented!

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