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Parkinson’s Awarness Week: Wednesday

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Yesterday (Tuesday) was our fourteenth wedding anniversary. We’ve had our ups and downs, particuarly in the last few years but we’re still together.We suceeded in securing the services of a babysitter at short notice and headed off to our favourite Italian restaurant. We walked; it’s in the village. We had a lovely meal.

And today, I took a bit of time off framing and blogging and went, with a friend, to visit the Stanley Spencers at Sandham Memorial Chapel. I’m talking about paintings, of course. They are about the First World War, during which Spencer was a private in the army. His paintings aren’t about the fighting. They are about all of the mundane tasks that occupy the majority of a soldier’s time, even in war.

It’s an odd little place. The painting scheme is elaborate and grand; it barely seems to fit in its room. The chapel itself is square and unassuming in its red brick clothes. The place has been National-Trustified a bit (albeit without a café) since I last visited, but not too much.

After a sandwich in the pub next door, I parted with my friend and went to the studio to make a “slip” for an oil painting whose designated frame was just a little too big (and which requires a frame for Friday). This was a novelty for me, but it seems as if it might work quite well. I’ve mitred the corners and applied a first coat of black woodstain. I made the mistake of putting it on newspaper and the newspaper stuck to the woodstain, but I am sure I can fix that tomorrow.

It’s been a busy day. I’m quite shattered. I didn’t get much sleep last night… it was a case of Parkinson’s Awakeness, I think. I got up at one stage and came downstairs; that is when I drew the picture below:



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