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Parkinson’s Awareness Week – Good Morning!

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Since starting Sinemet, I haven’t slept as well as I used to. Initially, this manifested as me waking in the night, unable to get back sleep again. More recently, I have been waking later – at the sort of early morning hour that it is just about reasonable to get up at. I usually get up. I’m usually tired. I probably ought to get the hang of going to bed earlier – but I have this dreadful feeling that this will result in waking at the sort of early morning hour that is more usually classified as the middle of the night…


One thought on “Parkinson’s Awareness Week – Good Morning!

  1. it took almost a year, but that sleeping issue with Sinemet has worn off for me. I also increased my melatonin to 10 mg a night! I still go to bed pretty late and wake up pretty early, but in general I am sleeping better. I hope that happens for you too. But I am actually writing because of the picture that you painted for me which I love very much and I was supposed to have it finished in some kind of way , sealed I believe. And I never did that. Can you give me some guidance?

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