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Parkinson’s Awareness Week


Parkinson’s UK are asking us to “Up our friendly” during Parkinson’s Awareness Week (20 – 26 April 2015).

Quite a bizarre turn of phrase. Not sure I like it. But I do like the sentiments behind it: be nice to each other! Make friends, work together, share things…

Just the sort of thing I tell my children.

I have a very busy week ahead. I will try to find the time to share it with you…


Recycled drawing from “Embraces” themed sketchbook


2 thoughts on “Parkinson’s Awareness Week

  1. Not sure I like it either (I thought it was just me as English is not my first language.)
    I’ve told my colleagues that it is “be nice to a parkie” week and that they’re very lucky as they get their own parkie to be nice to – not that this is actually working!
    I suppose you’re right, though, we should be nice to everybody…

    • Surely your colleagues should be nice to you all the time!

      As to the phrase – you are the second person who has dared to agree with me. I’m fairly certain that Parkinson’s UK made it up, but I haven’t asked anyone.

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