Blogging with Parkinson's

A personal perspective on Young Onset Parkinson's



Obsession Ink pot
Motion disorder

Sometimes its hard
to do what I oughta

Okay, so it’s not really as bad as all that.

I’m only moderately obsessed with doing art. And maybe a few other things, but less so. But, by golly, they are all so much more interesting than housework. And interesting things are pleasantly distracting, making it easier to ignore the extant symptoms of Parkinson’s.

And those symptoms do make doing stuff more difficult.

Anyway, that little poem is unlikely to make the grade for the Mervyn Peake awards. Entries open on the first of February for Painting, Poetry, Photography and The Themed Category, which is “Together” this year. Oh! and this year you can also enter a book. Better get scribbling…