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Revelation ressurects wristwatch

wristwatch500This is my self-winding (“Aut-O-Matic”) watch that I stopped wearing when it stopped self-winding because my wrist stopped moving properly.

It just so happened that, today, my husband received a new Russian mechanical watch in the post, and I started to look for ladies’ wind-up watches online (they are a bit few and far between).

“Can’t you hand wind your automatic watch?”, he asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

He proved me wrong.

I am no longer at the mercy of watch batteries.



Newbury to Watership Down… and a few miles extra

Well, I walked the walk.

It turned out to be 11.4 miles. I toogooglemapk an option which reduced the road-walking miles but missed out Nuthanger Farm and the steep bit of Watership Down. This was partly down to me misreading the map, but was probably a good thing as far as my feet were concerned!

The map shown to the right is a link to the Google map that I plotted my route on to determine the distance.

One of my lovely friends gave me a lift to the far side of Sandleford Common in Newbury. The theoretical end of the walk was White Hill, at the end of Cannon Heath Down, where there is a road and a car park, but I walked a few miles more to get home.

During my walk, I texted brief progress reports to Facebook. I’ve copied them here (in italics) and added photographs and extra details. Continue reading


“The Plan” – A Poem

As the weather it gets colder,
I start to feel a little older;
Can’t tell my shivers from my tremors,
Nor my forties from my future.

That future, it looks dark.
The prognosis is quite stark…

But I’m burning all the brighter.
Got to pack it all in now
Before stillness stops the show.
You might say I am a fighter,
Because I will not let it go.
I’ve got things I need to do
to fulfil a big ambition.
(There might be an exhibition.)

My time, I know, is shorter
So I decided that I oughta
Do it while I can

At least,
That is the plan.