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Mervyn Peake Awards 2014: Carrying Paintings through London

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My two paintings were 30 x 30  cm (the trees) and 40 x 40 cm (the brush) in size. The latter is on a “box” canvas – that is, one with a deep edge. The smaller one nestled very nicely inside the larger, so I only had to worry about carrying 40 x 40 x 4 cm of painting across London – through the streets and on the tube.

I took the largest, most substantial cotton carrier bag that I could find. It was actually one of these:

MERL Canvas Tote Bag

It was just big enough. Without bubble wrap. It’s nominally 40 cm square, with a reasonably deep gusset.

The staff on hand to wrap paintings seemed quite impressed by the idea and were dreaming up a new product for next year’s awards. I offered my advice, which I shall repeat here in a more coherent and complete form …

  • The maximum size for art entries in the Mervyn Peake Awards is 40 x 50 cm. It would, therefore, be ideal to have a bag of the same dimensions (or slightly larger).
  • The gusset is important. A flat bag would only work for pieces on paper.
  • Long handles give the bag more flexibility in terms of what will fit in it and how you can carry it.
  • A stretched canvas is vulnerable to piercing and denting. One way of protecting the painted surface is to use sturdy cardboard (corrugated cardboard works quite well).
    I didn’t take any card with me because it is unwieldy and I didn’t want to be carrying large flat objects all the time. However, it would be lovely if there was some available when you collect your painting.

I’m not sure what the design should be, but I suspect that something referring to the Mervyn Peake Awards and the year would be good.

My bag did its job and was easy to carry (it just fit on my shoulder).



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