Blogging with Parkinson's

A personal perspective on Young Onset Parkinson's

Rock… Water… Canvas


This is the poem that didn’t make the grade:
Watching the sea as it thunders in 	then rolls back out again Sweeping the sands clean 	rasping stone 'gainst stone  Resisting the wind as it buffets and blusters 	I lift my camera to record The never-ceasing breakers 	The ever-wearing rocks  Insistently intransigent The scene repeats again Each time different, each time the same  I want to keep it I want to capture it I want to take it away I want to know it To feel it This freedom This freshness For ever  I want to paint it Possess it Make it Be it  Spreading colour o'er canvas skin 	adjusting with deft knife-kiss Sweeping my reality clean 	forgetting all but this  -   Right now I am somewhere else; 	I am someone else. Someone  	whose infinity  		is untainted. Someone  	who is 		someone.



2 thoughts on “Rock… Water… Canvas

  1. The poem is good in parts, but the painting looks fantastic.

    • Thank you, Tom. That sounds like an honest assessment 🙂
      I sold that painting (but there are many more,, not all sold*, that can be seen at ), and poetry is very much a sideline. My favourite phrase, for what it is worth, is the bit about untainted infinities.

      *I’m not very good at the selling bit. I’m okay with the parting-with, it’s the marketing that I don’t do so well.

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