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UK Art Aid – Cancer Charity

This is a cross-post from my art blog. It’s got nothing to do with Parkinson’s, but it is a good cause and I thought that it was worth giving it the maximum exposure possible.

The UK Art Aid Web site is now live. There’s a whole stack of stormy paintings that can be bought as originals (£200) or prints (£65), including my very own Godrevy Storm.




Rock… Water… Canvas

This is the poem that didn’t make the grade:
Watching the sea as it thunders in 	then rolls back out again Sweeping the sands clean 	rasping stone 'gainst stone  Resisting the wind as it buffets and blusters 	I lift my camera to record The never-ceasing breakers 	The ever-wearing rocks  Insistently intransigent The scene repeats again Each time different, each time the same  I want to keep it I want to capture it I want to take it away I want to know it To feel it This freedom This freshness For ever  I want to paint it Possess it Make it Be it  Spreading colour o'er canvas skin 	adjusting with deft knife-kiss Sweeping my reality clean 	forgetting all but this  -   Right now I am somewhere else; 	I am someone else. Someone  	whose infinity  		is untainted. Someone  	who is 		someone.



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The Mervyn Peake Awards judges have come up with their shortlists (and they are quite short, too, with only 10 entries on each) and I have entries on two of them!

Poetry is not for me (as Harriet Wheeler of the Sundays sang) this year; my entry “Rock … Water … Canvas” isn’t on the shortlist. Photography isn’t for me, either, but I didn’t enter that category, so that’s no surprise.

Both of my shortlisted entries are paintings. There’s one in the Art category and one in the Control (themed) category.

The awards ceremony and reception is to be held in July, in London.



Podiatry Again: Custom Insoles…

It’s a while since I last wrote about podiatric attempts to alleviate my foot dystonia; in fact, I didn’t write much about the last couple of visits at all. At the end of last year, I went to see a podiatrist again. He took an imprint of my feet and ordered me some custom insoles, which arrived in February:

Custom insoles with metatarsal bump

Custom insoles with metatarsal dome

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