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(Control) The Brush

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Parkinson’s Awareness Week

This is the painting that I did enter under the theme “Control“.


Brush Control, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40 cm

To quote a well known Antipodean artist and TV personality, can you see what it is, yet?A few of the people who have chanced upon it were uncertain (it’s possible that I overdid the abstraction-by-close-up thing), but it is – of course – an artist’s brush in action.

(I actually painted it with a knife, not a brush.)

What does it have to do with control? Well…

  • I feel most in control of anything when I am painting.
  • The brush is under my control.
  • It is, in the picture, being used to paint straight lines – a little bit reminiscent of Bridget Riley – which requires a steady hand. This is fine motor control, something that I am losing – but not when I am painting. Not yet, anyhow. So the picture symbolises different levels of control according to the type of activity.
  • Artists’ brushes are frequently advertised  as offering control (over the paint). Several such phrases, torn from art supply catalogues, are embedded in the paint. A few can even be read.

Perhaps the meanings are too obscure, but I didn’t want them to be too obvious, either.

Parkinson’s Awareness Week

As is my wont, I shall keep my painting and my poetry entries under wraps until the date of the Awards ceremony.


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