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Mervyn Peake 2014 – Entry opens soon

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Coincidence struck this week.

cowboyboots-wm wellies-wm lighttrailboots-wm

The “In My Shoes” paintings

First, I offered a painting as a raffle prize for a charity event organised by a friend in aid of Parkinson’s UK, and – in light of last year’s “In My Shoes” paintings – considered making one on the subject of this year’s theme for awareness week. Turns out 2014’s theme is “control”, which I’m finding difficult to visualise without resorting to consumer electronics.

And then, today – after reading  poem by another friend who has Young Onset Parkinson’s, and wondering if she might enter the Mervyn Peake competition this year – I went to the appropriate page on the Parkinson’s UK Web site to discover when the Mervyn Peake 2014 opens for entry.

It’s next Saturday: 1st of February.

And (here’s the coincidence bit) there’s a new category – works on the theme of “control”.

I better get thinking.


One thought on “Mervyn Peake 2014 – Entry opens soon

  1. Tricky topic, all I can think of is remote controls and the film about Joy Division, I’m sure you’ll think of something more picturesque.

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