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Boots, Made for Walking


I’ve had a few problems walking lately.

It’s not the characteristic Parkinson’s shuffle; it’s a lopsided hobble. It’s almost definitely down to the dystonia that (literally) screws up the toes on my left foot.

It’s worst in confined spaces.

It’s still there when I’m walking down the street.

Yet it very nearly disappears completely when I lace on my boots and head for the hills (or even the footpaths on less hilly terrain).


My Scarpa walking boots
Acrylic on card, painted in secondary colours
(orange, green, purple) and buff titanium

There could be a number of reasons for this.

  • It might be psychological. The open spaces, the freedom, the fact that I like walking in the countryside.
  • It might be physical. The boots are tough leather, with stiff soles, and are a little on the tight side – they do see to physically prevent my toes from curling up (but I have to be careful about damaging my big toe, which sticks up and the toe nail rubs against the upper).
  • It might be something else that I haven’t thought of.

In terms of fixing it, the consultant has suggested botox (to relax the muscles), but I want to speak to the podiatrist first. I’ve requested (and obtained) a referral.

I just have to wait for an appointment now.


2 thoughts on “Boots, Made for Walking

  1. My husband has had Parkinson for over 20 years and had remained active til the last year.
    He started out with what they called Propulsion when walking and had been unable to control his pace. He had open heart a year ago and this seem to have exacerbated it. He works closely with movement disorder specialist but we have had no success with his walking. He can use golf cart and golf 9 holes and can drive locally but certainly is very scary walking. Has anyone experienceed this.

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