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Drugs and Artistic Style

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This is turning into a bit of a monster! And to think, I could have been painting instead …

The literature indicates the possibility of a change in artistic style due to the drugs.

I don’t think that I have made any drastic changes in style. The seeds of all the styles that I employ were there in the early 00s or before.



Above, you can see a very early knife painting, done outdoors. Below, another watery knife painting (a little more involved) done outdoors this summer:


I’ve started a mural project at the local school, for which I’m using a distinctly different style. A style born in 1998, as noted in this art blog post.

Orange Julie, 1998

school wall

Watership Down, first mural on school wall, 2013

Now, if I were to suddenly start painting abstracts, it might be a different issue.


(Of course, I attribute this abstraction to further natural development and the paint left over on my palette.)

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