Blogging with Parkinson's

A personal perspective on Young Onset Parkinson's

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Drugs and Artistic Style

This is turning into a bit of a monster! And to think, I could have been painting instead …

The literature indicates the possibility of a change in artistic style due to the drugs.

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Have the Drugs affected my Creativity?

“Creativity” is almost impossible to measure. You can, of course, measure time spent being creative, and you may be able to detect qualitative changes and stylistic variations.

But is it possible to assign any such changes to a single agent – such as a drug?



I don’t think so. I do, of course, only have one subject upon which to report (me) – but I have a unique insight upon that subject. I will do my very best to be objective… Continue reading


Creativity induced by Parkinson’s Drugs?

I really don’t want to believe this, but there is a theory that some drugs used to treat Parkinson’s can increase creativity.

Why don’t I want to believe it? Because it’s my creativity. It’s not Parkinson’s, and it’s not the drug’s. I feel very possessive of my creativity. I had it long before my dopamine levels went haywire and I have long felt that it is an important part of me.

So, without getting any more emotional about this issue, let’s look at the science. (There will be a couple of arty pictures to look at, too, and I shall write a second post describing how I think that this applies to me.) Continue reading