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Mervyn Peake Awards 2013: My Entries

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Like last year, I’m scheduling this “my entries” post for the day of the Awards ceremony, because, like last year, I intend to be there. Also like last year, I haven’t actually won any awards. However, my painting is apparently to appear in the 2014 Parkinson’s UK calendar, which makes me happy.

This years’ entries were themed around Greenham Common. Well, I had the painting, and then I wrote the poem specifically so that there was a common theme (unintentional pun retained).

In the Cold War
(Greenham Reflection)

Greenham Reflection: Spotted Bullock

This place was hot.
Busy airmen, running engines;
Controversy and news;
Heat of protest; latent heat
of the missiles, poised to cruise.

In the cold war,
This place was not
Common ground. No horses
Grazed upon it. Tall fences
Surrounded it; foreign forces
Occupied it, fortified.

In the cold war,
This place became
A twisted battleground:
Heartfelt indignation,
And righteous protestation
Disputed with ordered ranks.

Peace fought war
And neither won;
But nations talked,
And Mars moved on.

Mother nature’s
Tooth and claw
Soon replaced
His dreams of war

Where a nightmare –
Now all day mare
Once an airforce –
Now yellow gorse.

Since the cold war,
This space is open.
Wide and wild and wind-blown open
Big sky above the plain;
One last plane, not built to fly;
Bearing silent rusty witness.

The poem also refers to the subject of another of my Greenham paintings (and one which features a reflection, at that!), the Fireplane:

Greenham Common Fireplane


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