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Automatic Car Shopping



Silhouettes of the two cars I have owned so far… notice any similarities?

I have rather unconventional criteria for a car. I want one that behaves like Dr. Who’s T.A.R.D.I.S – that is, it should appear to be bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. I don’t care what it looks like* (but I do care if it’s a horrible colour, or beige, which isn’t horrible as such but is just plain boring), I don’t care if it’s got air conditioning or electric windows (but it must have a functional stereo; a tape deck is fine – I have a fake cassette that is really an MP3 player) and I really don’t want leather seats.

What I do want is a reliable┬ávehicle (to whit: as new as possible, please, within the budget) that is small enough to park easily (I’m rubbish at parking, and I have arbitrarily declared that the new car be no longer than my current car**) but big enough for: tall people in all seats; a family of four who habitually overpack for weekends at grandparents; carting large numbers of paintings around to DIY exhibitions; and any number of other practical tasks. It should also have a vertical rear end, so that I know where the darn thing is. Because I’m rubbish at parking, you see.

And did I mention it should be an automatic? This is new. This is courtesy of the Parkinson’s. In the UK, we drive on the left and change gear (we are inordinately fond of manual transmission) with our left hands and operate the clutch with our left feet. My left side isn’t working as well as it should. My gear changing is starting to get a little … shaky, if you will excuse the pun. Sometimes, literally so.

* Apart from the shape at the back.

** 4.o metres.


8 thoughts on “Automatic Car Shopping

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  2. Nissan Note
    There’s an automatic version, it’s the shape you want, and at 6’7″ I fit inside comfortably.

    • Funnily enough, Paul, it was one of the two cars that I test drove yesterday. The other was – also alliteratively named – a Ford Fusion. There was relatively little to choose between them.

      The Honda Jazz is also on my list (but is a bit expensive), as are both of the Moduses (Grand and otherwise), and the Meriva. I’d have been happy with another Kangoo (that’s the red sihouette) but they are also a little on the expensive side. Shame, ‘cos the slidey doors at the back are brilliant.

  3. I think you might have seen my car, which is a Vauxhall Aglia, it has a flat back, high ceiling and when the seats are down and the parcel shelf off, works like a van. It’s the same shape as the Suzuki Wagon R+ I used to have which was an automatic. I’d thoroughly recommend it, but unfortunately they stopped making this shape a few years ago, mine is 6 years old and very well behaved though. Good luck!

  4. I have decided on the Fusion, which is a bit of a bargain (on account, I am told, of being neither a Fiesta nor a Focus, and hence not finding a market niche) and which has a more ergonomic dashboard display than the Grand Modus. I’m collecting it tomorrow evening!

    • how exciting! I hope it does everything you want it to. Automatic cars are so great when you’re stuck in a traffic jam, no more changing up and down all the time, and hill starts are a thing of the past ­čÖé

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