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Magnetic Wellies


This post is about a fridge magnet.

I’ve got a few small magnets (that I got printed for free by Vistaprint) that show my painting Green Wellies (In My Shoes). It was painted – and sold – for charity (Parkinson’s UK). So, the magnets are also for sale, for the same charity, except they are a bit cheaper. And they stick to your fridge.

They are on a “buy it now” option at eBay and cost £1 plus postage.


2 thoughts on “Magnetic Wellies

  1. great idea! why don´t you also create and sell T-Shirts with your art for example via spreadshirt or something similar? if you don´t do this I would recommend it. It is amazing what you do! enjoy the day!

    • Thank you, Agni. I have ventured into T-shirts, but I’m not very good at marketing them. There is one with the wellies on, as it happens…

      I shall investigate spreadshirt.

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