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Trail Boots (In My Shoes # 4)

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This is a cross-post from my art blog.

The third (and probably final) “In My Shoes” painting. I have been known to wear these boots on a painting expedition…

Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 cm

Now listed on eBay – proceeds to Parkinson’s UK


These boots weren’t expensive, but they are very comfortable. They’ve got a low lacing pattern (helps with my long, narrow feet!), a roomy toe space (allowing me to stretch my dystonic toes) and they’re soft enough that my toes don’t rub on the upper. They have plenty of support and a decent grip underfoot – but the label claiming that they are waterproof lies. They might have been so, once, but I suspect that the waterproof membrane has worn through (they have a nasty tendency to do that). I shall have to apply external waterproofing at some stage; there’s a fair few miles left in these.

The laces themselves cause a problem ocasionally, but my medication is working well enough to minimise it – at the moment I’m just a little bit slow.


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