Blogging with Parkinson's

A personal perspective on Young Onset Parkinson's

Exhibition Report

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shippingcontainer2-50pcLook, there’s the collection tin! At the front… where everybody ignored it. One person bought a Dotty Cow postcard after (a) they had expressed initial interest and (b) I told them the entire pound that it cost was going to Parkinson’s UK.

People mostly ignored the T-shirt, too. (It has a print of a painting on it; I only had one coat hanger, but there were more t-shirts.) Along with the rest of the merchandise.

They did, however, look at the paintings, which was the whole point of the exercise – and I sold a few. I’m a terrible salesperson, so this is quite an achievement.

A more complete report can be found on my art blog; you may also be interested to note that I have put a few Bromley Project books on Amazon. The other book titles are set to follow…


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