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Bromley Arts Festival, 24th March 2013: Art and the Collecting Tin

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PUKCollectionTinOn Sunday, there is an Arts Festival in Bromley. Bromley, for those who are not sure, is in the bit of Kent that coincides with Greater London.

I have no connection with Bromley whatsoever… except that I managed to connect with somene who lives there and somehow, between us, we cooked up the idea of my doing a few paintings of the area (Bromley is both town and borough, and has lots of lovely countryside that I didn’t really paint much of at all; this is a predominantly urban project). This turned into my Bromley Project, subtitled “A Day in Bromley”, because that is how long I was there.

But this coming Sunday, me and my Bromley Project are going back to Bromley. We’re going to sit in a shipping container turned pop up art gallery and be part of the official Bromley Arts Festival. And joining us, sitting quietly in a corner, will be a Parkinson’s UK collecting tin.

I’ve also got some postcards of my Mervyn Peake entry to sell. Every single penny of the sales from those will also go to Parkinson’s UK.


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