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To do, or not to do, that is the dichotomy

I reached the end of Chapter 4 of Pete Langman’s Slender Threads last night. It’s a chapter in which he considers the question of what having Parkinson’s “means” – what the results of having the condition might be. He talks about playing the guitar (he was once a pretty good player, I gather) and about attending a less-than-satisfying gig.

But he concludes with the following, which resonated somewhat with me:

Perhaps this is what PD means to me – it means that I must do rather than merely experience. I find reading nigh-on impossible these days. But I write a lot.

It makes a perverse sort of sense.

Pete Langman, Slender Threads

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Bromley Arts Festival, 24th March 2013: Art and the Collecting Tin

PUKCollectionTinOn Sunday, there is an Arts Festival in Bromley. Bromley, for those who are not sure, is in the bit of Kent that coincides with Greater London.

I have no connection with Bromley whatsoever… except that I managed to connect with somene who lives there and somehow, between us, we cooked up the idea of my doing a few paintings of the area (Bromley is both town and borough, and has lots of lovely countryside that I didn’t really paint much of at all; this is a predominantly urban project). This turned into my Bromley Project, subtitled “A Day in Bromley”, because that is how long I was there.

But this coming Sunday, me and my Bromley Project are going back to Bromley. We’re going to sit in a shipping container turned pop up art gallery and be part of the official Bromley Arts Festival. And joining us, sitting quietly in a corner, will be a Parkinson’s UK collecting tin.

I’ve also got some postcards of my Mervyn Peake entry to sell. Every single penny of the sales from those will also go to Parkinson’s UK.

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Slender Threads – A book by Pete Langman

Have you come across Pete Langman? He’s another blogger with young onset Parkinson’s – you’ll find his blog at

He was diagnosed five years ago, and seem to have had a bit of a rough time of it. Now he has written a book on the subject, based on his own experience. The book is called Slender Threads: a young person’s guide to Parkinson’s Disease. He’s a talented writer; I have high expectations. Continue reading