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Dave goes Retro



If you have a Facebook account, you can now play a Dave the Worm version of a game variously known as Snake, or Worm, or Surround, or Chase, or

I remember this game. It predates mobile phones (or, rather, it predates mobile-phones-smaller-than-a-housebrick) I gather that Nokia adopted the game for their late 1990s mobiles. I think I had a version on the VIC-20 (early Commodore home PC with nice keyboard and very little memory). Dave’s version is prettier.

And every now and then, he tells you a factoid about Parkinson’s (you can continue playing by pressing the return key).


3 thoughts on “Dave goes Retro

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  2. Hi – I hope you don’t mind – I’ve nominated your blog for a Liebster Award this year – more info about the award is on my blog page:

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