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Cheeky cross-blog marketing ploy


I recently introduced you to my Art Blog.

If you have a wander round, you might find a few paintings of LEGO® minifigures. Little tiny things, 7 cm square, they are – just for fun, really. (I tend to consider the landscapes to be the “serious” work.) Over the past year, I have painted 56 minifigure paintings – and now I have collected them all together in a book.

The book is a self-published, print-on-demand thing, and you can see it on the Blurb site here. You can buy it on the Blurb site, too, if you feel so inclined. It isn’t enormously cheap (that’s short-run printing for you; my profit is very small), but may I make so bold as to suggest that it might make a nice Christmas present.

The paperback is a bit on the skinny side, but the hardback is – though I say it myself – very lovely. The print quality in both is fabulous.

A final note: I don’t intend to use Blogging With Parkinson’s as a marketplace. Rest assured that posts such as this one will be very few and far between. If you are interested in the arty stuff, I would suggest that you pay specific attention to the Art Blog. Subscribe or something, if you like.

You might notice that I’m using two different blog platforms. This was deliberate; I haven’t told the Art Blog about this one. And I probably won’t. Unless I happen to win a Mervyn Peake painting award…


2 thoughts on “Cheeky cross-blog marketing ploy

  1. I love this and will purchase a copy for my Lego-loving husband. Coincidentally, I have just created a wee book of my own, using Blurb, as part of my husband’s birthday stash (birthday on Sunday) and trust me, mine looks NOTHING like yours. I find it difficult to believe we even used the same programme. I’m obviously seriously lacking in that kind of visual creativity. I mean SERIOUSLY. So as not to shame myself, I’ll wait a year before giving him yours and maybe he won’t compare. Mine contains no original art…just me being hilarious. Ahem.

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