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I’ve been neglecting you


It’s true, I have been neglecting you, my readers.

It’s nice that one or two of you noticed.

The thing is, I’ve been a bit busy. It feels like I’ve got three full time jobs, sometimes – the one I get paid for, the one that revolves around the children and the housework  (the later has also been neglected), and my nascent career as an artist. Which is, of course, the thing I really want to do. I’ve always wanted to do it. As a child, I wanted to be an artist, but I was too sensible to ignore the fact that I was actually quite good at other subjects, so I did a couple of science degrees instead of going to art school. It’s a long story from then to now, but if there is one good thing about my Parkinson’s diagnosis, it was the enforced realisation that I couldn’t afford to wait to take advantage of my artistic talents.

“Skyline”, a recent painting.

And I have managed to sell a few of my paintings, without really trying very hard. (My work is very cheap, which might help the sales at this level.) Obviously, I need to raise my profile, which I have started to do. But that takes time, too…

Regarding the topic of this blog, I’m doing pretty much alright. The dystonia in my foot hasn’t gone away – I think it might be worse than it was in the summer, but that could be down to the weather. It’s always easier in the sunshine and the warmth. Everything else is not too bad. My left arm is still awkward, but I can put up with it (although I often wonder if people notice that I hold it strangely).

It has occurred to us that my ropinirole has been affecting me in terms of my current “obsession” for art. Maybe it has – but I don’t think it’s as large a factor in the time I spend on art as all that. There are plenty of other reasons that I spend time painting, some pre-existing, some related to my diagnosis, some related to the small successes that I have enjoyed to date and the larger successes that I hope for.


5 thoughts on “I’ve been neglecting you

  1. it doesn’t sound like a negative side effect, if it causes you to be so creative. Glad to hear that you’re getting on okay.

  2. I know what you mean. Sometimes I look at my stash of fabric and wonder

  3. So glad to hear how you’re doing. Good luck with the art….

  4. I did wonder what had happened to your blog, but I know you have young children and now a new job so I was not surprised that you were not writing. I am glad to know you are okay and having fun with painting. I wish the Mirapex I take would make me be compulsively creative.

  5. Mr Zalamanda here. The American columnist and humorist Dave Barry once said “There is a very fine line between “hobby” and “mental illness””, and every so often I worry that Zalamanda crosses that line. Certainly there have been occasions when Zalamanda has neglected other responsibilities in favour of art, and I am concerned that her recurring art-fuelled so-late-it’s-early bedtimes leave her drained and less-fitted to deal with the routine trials and tribulations of family life.

    So far we’ve coped, and I hope we continue to do so.

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