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Michael J. Fox to Star in New Sitcom About Parkinsonian Dad



Michael J. Fox earlier this year (2012) – image (c)

Quite possibly the most high profile Parkie in the world (and almost certainly the most high profile Young Onset Parkie), Michael J. Fox is set to make a major return to acting. An article on the BBC describes how he is to star in a new situation comedy about a father of three who just happens to have Parkinson’s.

The sitcom is “loosely based on Fox’s own personal life”, as one might expect, given the subject matter. Fox began and ended the first phase of his career in sitcoms – from Family Ties (which I didn’t see) to Spin City (which I did), with one or two rather popular films in between. From Fox’s own autobiography, I know that sitcoms can be very hard work; it must seem a little daunting to the actor, but I imagine that he will find the process – and the end result – incredibly fulfilling.

The BBC article notes that

In May he told ABC News in the US that a new drug regimen had helped him control the tics that are a result of the disease and could allow him to take on more acting roles.

– “Michael J Fox to make full-time TV return

I must have missed that. I wonder what the new regimen is?

I also look forward to seeing the show when it is made and when it makes it to UK screens. The potential for increasing awareness with this project is immense; I hope that Fox – who appears to be well regarded in the TV industry – gets the calibre of co-star that he wants and that the show does well.


7 thoughts on “Michael J. Fox to Star in New Sitcom About Parkinsonian Dad

    Ah. The “new drug regime” is the addition of a drug developed to prevent the ‘flu in older people, and which has been discovered to reduce dyskinesia. A repurposed drug.

  2. Yes, I just read that, and was getting ready to send you the link…I should’ve known you’d have it already! I’m also on Amantadine, with my Azilect. It does seem to interfere a bit with my sleep, but my doctor thinks it helps delay the need for “heavier” drugs. And it does seem to prevent the flu, so why not, I guess!

  3. Me too; where are you?

  4. I’m still here – just a bit busier since going back to full time work. Trying to launch a painting career, too…
    (If only!)

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