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Mervyn Peake Awards: My Entries


I decided not to publish my poem or my painting on this blog until today, the 6th of July, because today is the day of the awards ceremony and the day that the winners get formally announced. Not that I actually won (although my poem got a special mention!).

This is a scheduled post, because I hope to be in London today, attending the awards ceremony and meeting some of my fellow creative Parkies.

Cannon Heath Down 5. Link to Other Blog!Up On The Downs

Climbing steep up the face of the down;
Finding a place with a view.
Flat enough for all the gear
I gladly lugged up here.

Wrestling with the playful wind –
Canvas wanting to set sail.
The easel set, the box displays
Its ware of tubes of paint.

Umber and ultramarine to make the clouds;
Pthalo and lemon the grass.
Rose madder assists and titanium white –
Unsung, it brings the light.

Mankind has shaped this landscape
With flint, and plough, and road.
Perched upon my hillside,
I see, I hear, record.

You cannot see the tractor; I choose not to show
The chopper flying low.
Red kite stoops – but my knife, too slow,
spreads contours of the land.

Chalk underfoot and sky up above
Nature plays its part.
What am I to interfere?
I watch, I paint, depart.


2 thoughts on “Mervyn Peake Awards: My Entries

  1. This version of the poem is my modified-for-accuracy-of-colour version. (I can’t guarantee the accuracy of the photograph of the painting; there’s no doubt a blue cast from the daylight I took the picture, plus whatever peculiarities my camera added, plus any minor changes made by my graphics software, plus the settings on your screen…)

    The original version of the poem is in the Parkinson’s UK 2013 Calendar. In May. With the rather splendid winner of the Art category.

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