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A Call to the PVI

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This phone would be difficult to use for a call to the PVI because it has a dial, not a number pad. – Image from Wikimedia Commons.

I just made that call.

This is what it entails:

An automated voice welcomes you and asks you to state your age. Then he (the UK voice is a chap) asks you to enter your age using the ‘phone’s number pad.

Then he asks you take a deep breath and say, “Aaaaaaaaah” for as long as you can. He asks you to do this two or three times.

Next, he asks you to say “yes” and “no”; he then asks a few details such as whether you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s or any voice disorder.

After that, he asks you to repeat a series of words and sentences after him. There are a few bits about a fictional grandfather. As I recall, there were no words in which the vowel sounds would vary greatly from north to south.*

Finally, you get thanked for your call and given a reference number, which you can – if you wish –  use to request feedback on the PVI site. You will need to give them an e-mail address if you do this.

I requested feedback, but it hasn’t arrived yet.


*For those outside of the UK, there are distinct regional variations in the way some vowels are sounded; one of the most typical is the “a” sound in “path”. I, a midlander, pronounce this with a flat “a”; many southerners use a broad “a”, which can be readily represented by inserting an “r”: parth. I can’t think of any reasonable way of representing the short “a” except for the correct spelling; read into that what you will.


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