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Ropinirole Diary: June 2012

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This is a much neglected series of posts – but it would also have been a very boring one if I had continued at the pace that I set out at. The latest news is that I saw my consultant a few weeks ago and after talking about my hopes to get shot of the dystonia in my foot (not achieved at 12 mg), she suggested a hike to 16 mg. Apparently, it’s not really worth troubling with 2 mg increments at this level – and this dose size is, she assured me, well within the bounds of normal.

I haven’t started on that dose yet. I decided to wait until I had an official prescription for that amount, which involved a delay because I didn’t want to take yet another part-day off work for yet another medical appointment (I had two middle-of-the-day ones in my first month in this job); I have an after-work appointment later this week.


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