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Mervyn Peake Update


The judges have, apparently, judged, and the winners have been decided. They’ve not been publicly announced, but entrants have received letters inviting them to the awards ceremony and informing them of the winners’ names and the titles of the winning works in the three categories (Art, Photography and Poetry).

I didn’t win.

But I did, apparently, get a “Special Mention”. But not for my painting.

I’d almost forgotten that I’d also entered the poetry category. I’m told that this is the category that receives the most entries, which is why the “Special Mentions” have been introduced. My poem – called Up on the Downs – was about making the painting that I’d entered in the Art category. It was a bit of an afterthought, but I did play with it a bit before I decided it was finished. And now, re-reading it, I’ve noticed an error!

The third verse reads:

Ochre and ultramarine to make the clouds;
Pthalo and lemon the grass.
Rose madder assists and titanium white –
Unsung, it brings the light.

But – although I think I did use Yellow Ochre once or twice – usually, I use Burnt Umber with Ultramarine. It makes a lovely dark that isn’t as “dead” as straight-from-the-tube black, and, with white added, the greys are wonderfully subtle. Yellow Ochre and Ultramarine makes a greeny grey.

I wish I’d spotted that before I sent it in. Umber scans just as nicely as Ochre.

The rest of the poem talks about climbing the hill, about observing the natural landscape and its inhabitants, and about my insignificance compared to that landscape.

The Awards Ceremony is on the 6th of July (which is also the date that the winning entries are to be revealed, in all their glory, on the Web site). I’ve booked the day off work and requested a place at the ceremony (they are limited, unfortunately). Hopefully, I’ll be able to report back from the event…


4 thoughts on “Mervyn Peake Update

  1. Where is the whole poem? The third verse is nice!

    • Thank you, Jeanie. The short answer to your question is “on my desktop”, but the longer answer involves me entertaining a bit of a quandary because the awards haven’t officially been presented, and I’m not 100% certain that I should have mentioned the mention or published that little bit of the poem. (The illustration is also “a little bit” of the whole painting).

      Look in your e-mail inbox.

  2. I do hope that when you can, you will post the whole poem and also the painting ! ! !

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