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Just Walked

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Just Walking

The weather was beautiful. Blue skies, sunshine, but not so hot that it felt like hard work. The scenery was stunning, and the company was excellent.

I declare Just Walk 2012 a roaring success!
(Although I was mildly amused to find a 2010 tag on my event t-shirt.)

Before I go any further, I should say that it’s not too late to sponsor me. All monies (of whatever size – every penny counts) go to Parkinson’s UK, and the process is quite painless using JustGiving:

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All of my expectations were met or exceeded. I actually got there early (45 minutes early! – plenty of time to say hello at the Parkinson’s UK stand). In fact, I was so early that I was mistaken for a late arrival for the 40 or 60 km walks. I did meet my friend at the venue, and she was there to see me off, to welcome me back and to accompany me to a delightful local hostelry where we sipped soft drinks; I did complete the walk (at almost precisely the time that was suggested for an “average” walker), and I spent time during the walk with four or five lovely groups of people.

The sign posts are posher on the South Downs (Way)

As for the photographs, there are one or two scattered around this post. The photo-worthy views were restricted slightly by the wooded terrain; perhaps the most noticeable difference between the South Downs (as represented by this walk) and the various Downs in North Hampshire is that the former have more trees.

I did think that the South Downs were a little more domesticated than the wilder of Hampshire’s Downs (the ridge that includes Watership Down is largely untouched, thanks to the auspices of the local horse-racing community who still exercise their horses on the hill-top plateau). I noticed more agriculture and less ridged erosion in Sussex. But I did notice, in the villages on the valley floor, that you get that same, slightly disconcerting sense of the hills looming up behind the houses like curved green walls, that I get here (maybe it’s just me?).

Some of the landscape shots that I managed to take on the walk (click to see bigger, clearer versions):

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