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All ready for tomorrow…


A stile on the North Downs. I haven’t got any photographs of the South Downs yet!

I’ve waxed my boots, I’ve laced them; I’ve packed my (new, bigger) rucksack, I’ve got all of my clothes ready to put on in the morning. I’ve charged my ‘phone, studied the road map and plugged the address of the car park into the GPS. I’ve put all manner of things into the car (including my boots; they’re not very good for driving in).

All that remains is to fill the water bottles (in the morning) and to get a good night’s sleep.

I don’t really know why I’m so anxious. When I walked to Basingstoke, I took less gear (you can’t fit much in a 15 litre pack) and pretty much just grabbed the bag (and the map) and strode out of the house. It’s not the walk. It’s everything that surrounds it: the formalities, the extra people (it’s going to be crowded; I don’t especially like crowds), the early morning drive to get there, the expectations.

Well, I expect that, despite being a bit nervous, I will get there in time (just); I will meet my friend who lives in Sussex and who is coming to cheer me on; I will do the walk, talk to some of the other walkers, take some photographs, and come in somewhere around the middle of the field (not that it’s a race), and generally have a lovely time.

Lots of you wonderful, generous people have sponsored me already. If you haven’t, and want to – all the money goes to Parkinson’s UK – please click below.

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4 thoughts on “All ready for tomorrow…

  1. Have fun! I will be thinking of you . Jeanie

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