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One week to go!

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Signpost with Watership Down in the background. Photograph taken September 2011.

In a week’s time, I should be in Sussex, conducting an in-depth investigation of how the South Downs vary from the North Downs. And from whatever range of hills Watership Down and its friends are part of (the rolling hills south to Basingstoke are indubitably the North Downs; it says so on my Ordnance Survey map – but the labelling is less clear for these chalk escarpments; commentators variously call them the North Hampshire Downs, the North Wessex Downs, or just the plain North Downs… but I doubt the latter name because I gather that the North and South Downs meet at the Itchen Valley near Winchester, and Watership etc. are too far to the North West).

That “investigation” will, of course, take the form of an organised 20 km walk, of the sponsored form, and associated observations made by me and recorded (in part) through the lens of my camera.

I’m walking for Parkinson’s UK. You can sponsor me if you like.
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

And if anyone wants to join me, there’s a special offer of 10% off places this weekend. See Across the Divide’s Web site for details.


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