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A day on the North Downs


The weather has been a bit … damp hereabouts, recently. On Wednesday, it bucketed it down. I decided to stay in and paint a still life instead (see right). But the forecast for yesterday (Thursday) was for showers, so I decided to go for a long walk – with all the waterproof gear I had. Some of the showers were pretty heavy, but they were short, and – despite its best efforts – the wind didn’t quite manage to blow my hat off. It was a bit muddy, though.

As to the walk itself, I reckon – with the aid of a piece of string and the map – that I covered 18 or 19 km. Over the North Downs.

The sponsored walk is over the South Downs. How different can they be?

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2 thoughts on “A day on the North Downs

  1. I think your painting is really good! 🙂

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