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Ropinirole Diary – April 2012


Current daily tablet ration. Round white tablet: rasgiline; Oval pink tablets: ropinirole 2 mg; Oval brown tablets: ropinirole 8 mg.

It’s probably about time that I made another entry in the ropinirole diary.

I have been taking 10 mg of the stuff for  fair while now, with no side effects. In general, I feel pretty good; the tremor is minimal (particularly when I’m not cold!), I’ve regained a lot of the dexterity in my left hand (I can tie my laces again), and the rigidity seems to have eased a fair bit, too. It’s obviously working. I can understand Sarah Nock‘s enthusiasm for the drug.

The principal aim, for me, in taking ropinirole, was to try to knock the dystonia in my left foot on the head, so to speak. It hasn’t quite worked yet, but I am very pleased to report that my toes don’t seem quite so determined to curl up. I can run a lot better than I could before I started taking ropinirole (but that is not to say that I am actually any good at it) – my toes aren’t curling up in preparation for impact any more. But they do still curl, and it’s still uncomfortable.

So… I’ve decided to up my dosage one more time. I’m taking an extra two milligrams, starting yesterday.

Toes crossed!


2 thoughts on “Ropinirole Diary – April 2012

  1. Ooo you’ll be on my dosage then! Glad ur not getting any side effects. I get a bit of nausea but tbh I think it’s mainly just tiredness. I
    Interesting re the running. My normal walking can be quite a shuffle but I power walked to the station this morning no problem. Apart from being whacked!

    • I only have trouble running because of that pesky toe-curling dystonia. I think the dystonia is causing me to limp a little, too – when I walk slowly, at least. If I can get rid of it (and the Parkinson’s nurse thinks that I should be able to), then I will be able to see if I have any other issues!

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