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Parkinson’s Awareness Week


Today marks the start of Parkinson’s Awareness Week. I’m not sure how these things get allocated, or by whom (or why the US seem to have a whole month, for that matter), but there you are.

Parkinson’s UK, the largest UK charity for the condition in the UK, are leading the campaign. You can see what they have planned here.

As for me, I’m going to be trying to help raise funds (for Parkinson’s UK) via my sponsored walk*, and I sort of hope that this very blog contributes towards the increasing awareness of Parkinson’s.

*Go on… sponsor me to walk 20 km of Sussex downland. I promise I’ll take some photographs. They might even be pretty.

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5 thoughts on “Parkinson’s Awareness Week

  1. “I’ll take some photographs”
    Wot – no quick paintings?

    • I’d rather not carry 5.5 kg of extra gear, to be honest – and it would add a fair few hours onto my walking time to boot! Besides, I’d probably clutter up the footpath for everyone else. No, t’wouldn’t do. Not at all.

      And yes, I know you’re teasing.

  2. Looking fwd to your report of the trek….donation done!

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