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“This Is My Mama” – video


EPDA (European Parkinson’s Disease Association) shared this on their Facebook page. I thought it was very touching.

“Naomi was just a kid when her mom was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease. This is her story.

This film has been entered into the 2012 Neuro Film Festival from the American Academy of Neurology Foundation at

Let’s put our brains together to support brain research.”

I find it particularly interesting to get the child’s point of view, even though Naomi’s tale doesn’t echo the experiences of my own children very closely. My children were younger than she was, and I was diagnosed in less time than her mother was. I do know that I do sometimes get angry with them, but I’m really not sure how much of that is down to the Parkinson’s.


2 thoughts on ““This Is My Mama” – video

  1. I loved the video. I think my kids ages 24 and 27 are in denial. They are used to me being relatively disabled with balance problems, gait issues and infernal slowness, so when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s it didn’t seem so strange to them. I don’t think it has affected my mood much so far. I think the Azilect helps my mood, and maybe the propranolol makes me somewhat less anxious. I’m tired a lot, but I am older than you all so maybe that comes with aging in some part. No, I have Parkinson’s tiredness! But still I’m going off to work right now!! I really appreciate all your blogs.

    • It may be harder for your kids to accept the diagnosis simply because they are older. 20-something may be theoretically grown-up, but a lot of people are still quite insecure in their 20s. My two are young enough to take what they are told at face value, absorb it, and carry on.

      How old were your children when you started showing Parkinsonian symptoms? That could have been a difficult time for them, too: realising that their mum had problems.

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