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Ropinirole Diary – Doubling Up


After a week and a half, 8 mg didn’t seem to be much different to 6 mg.

The consultant had suggested that I would notice the effects of any dosage increase in a week (which I thought was jolly impressive, but remained a touch sceptical about). I called my Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist and asked her advice. She said two weeks was probably closer; I should persevere with 8 mg until at least 2 weeks had passed, and then consider adding an extra 2 mg. She suggested that I could ask the GP to prescribe 2 mg tablets as well as 8 mg ones, to allow me to manage my own dose to a certain extent. (These are all controlled release tablets; the smallest tabular dose available in controlled release is 2 mg.)

We also talked about my symptoms. My main priority at the moment is to get shot of the dystonia in my left foot (it affects my gait when walking and makes running very awkward; it’s also causing muscular aches because of the excessive tension). I also said to her that it would be nice to get the swing back in my left arm. She seemed reasonably confident that increasing my ropinirole to “a therapeutic dose” would deal with the dystonia, but cautioned that I may not recover the swing. Ah, well. You can’t have everything.

I’d been doubling up my 4 mg tablets from a previous prescription and they were rapidly running out.

So I spoke to the amenable GP and he agreed to give me a 2 mg prescription as well as an 8 mg one. I collected the latter from the pharmacist this evening.

Let’s see what happens…


5 thoughts on “Ropinirole Diary – Doubling Up

  1. fingers crossed you’ll get some positive results without side effects.

  2. It’s so interesting hearing how you are getting on. I find the effects of a dosage increase kick in really quickly for me. I upped from 10mg to 12mg just before Christmas and it took just a few days but it does take a while to ‘settle’. Maybe I’m more suggestable.

  3. I appreciate your sharing. I am trying to get into a study of pioglitazone, of course I may get the placebo.

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