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The Beeb Covers Ballet for Parkies


You may recall my post about ballet a while back. Well, it seems that there is still interest from the media in the subject – and from researchers, too.

It’s a video article, and you can watch it here:

English National Ballet helps Parkinson’s patients

The study is being performed by scientists at London’s Roehampton University. I have heard resentment among other people with Parkinson’s that research money is being spent on this – which we already “know” helps – and not on a cure. I would guess that the amount being spent on this is probably very small – the classes were already being run – and I think that it may help to confirm the benefits, and maybe even establish the “best” type of exercise.


4 thoughts on “The Beeb Covers Ballet for Parkies

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the participants covered the cost of the class, so the “money not being directed towards a cure” would potentially be a research grant to Roehampton. Given the mention of “term” it might be wrapped up as part of routine tuition, rather than a full-blown research project – so not much. It could be looked at as publicity, or awareness heightening, as well.
    I want a cure as much as the next Parky, but in the interim, effective symptom treatment is good and this doesn’t look like wastefulness to me.
    I wonder if there is a matching rock music programme. Head banging is probably more my scene.

    • Some good points, Paul.

      Looking at the researchers in the video, I couldn’t help but think that they looked young enough to be undergraduates, possibly doing their final year thesis. But it’s nigh on 20 years since I was an undergraduate, and my perception could well be related to my age – that thing where the policemen all start looking young… (actually, our village bobby doesn’t look young to me, but his community officer assistants do).

      You are, I think, quite right to separate the “right now” symptom treatments from the “some time in the dim and distant future” cure. Even if a cure was discovered tomorrow, it could take up to 10 years to be publicly available, assuming that it was a novel drug treatment.

      And yes, I imagine that dancing to rock music would also have its benefits… although if it’s a moshpit headbang affair, you may end up doing more harm than good! Maybe you ought to investigate the local listings to see who’s playing 🙂

  2. A much more in-depth assessment of the BBC’s coverage of this story can be found on Pete Langman’s site. He makes some very good – and rather scathing – points.

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