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Ropinirole Diary with Lighthouse


I’m pretty certain that the ropinirole is making a difference at 6 mg, but it’s not quite enough

Here’s how it is. I seem to be better able to cope with laces, buttons and zips, so my dexterity is better than it has been. I’m not feeling tired (except when I stay up until two in the morning fiddling with Word documents), I’m not experiencing any obsessive-compulsive problems (well, no more than usual), and I mostly feel pretty good. Apart from my left foot, that is, the toes of which is still curling up with what is most likely to be dystonia.

It’s not just that running hurts; the tops of my toes are rubbing against my shoes, and the muscles ache. I saw a video of myself ambling along a beach on New Year’s Day, and I was limping. I didn’t realise that I limped. You can’t blame the beach – it was hard, wet, sand, easy to walk on. I wasn’t striding along, like I often do (I suspect that there is less of a limp then), but wielding my lovely new-for-Christmas camera, looking for a good shot of the lighthouse. It was a bit of a grey day, but I still think that the results were fairly effective.

Anyway, once Christmas was out of the way and everybody had (mostly) settled into their old routines, I had a good think about this, consulted with my Parkinson’s Nurse, and had a conversation with my GP over the telephone.

So, tomorrow, I’ll start doubling up my 4 mg tablets (giving a total of 8 mg) and see how that goes. I hope to bring you news of the results within a couple of weeks!


8 thoughts on “Ropinirole Diary with Lighthouse

  1. Thanks for the update.

  2. Good luck with it. It’s strange how we can change our locomotory and postural habits – whether caused by stress, a long-term health condition, or whatever – and not realise we’re doing it.

  3. I always look forward to your posts. I have hammer toes but I did not associate them with Parkinson’s but rather with just having bad feet.

  4. Didn’t you mention the possibility making regular videos a while ago, somewhere around the ‘self-winding watch not winding’ post? Given your chance discovery here, it looks like that might be a good idea. Enable you to spot things you might not otherwise know.

    • I don’t recall mentioning that, Just. I must confess that I’m a little camera shy and don’t particularly want to be the subject of a series of videos…

      • I identify with the video thing. I was walking to the station from work and this lorry driver stopped to ask if I was ok. I was shambling along. He thought I was in need. Lovely chap but a real wake up.

  5. Re. the Lighthouse shot… it is one of the images that I used as a source for this painting:

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