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I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)


Last night, I was entertained by an enthralling thriller, a road movie with good guys, bad guys, indeterminate sort-of-grey guys and, outside it all, the police (who stopped my car because I was carrying too many passengers). There was a bit of running around and rescuing people, too, but that bit’s gone rather hazy now. No doubt the plot – if I could remember it all – wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny, but it all seemed cohesive enough at the time, and it was a bit of an epic, too!

The reason I mention it – quite apart from the fact that it was one of those dreams that you want to return to in order to see what happens next – was that, right near the end, there was one of those moments that happen in dreams where you try to do something (in this case, I was trying to throw a bottle of chocolate milk at one of the indeterminate guys), but you just can’t do it. And the reason was quite clear; even in my dream, I had Parkinson’s. My arm wasn’t working properly. (The only worrying aspect was that neither arm worked properly in this dream. But I always was rubbish at throwing stuff anyhow.)

Apparently, violent or vivid dreams can be part of the symptom set of Parkinson’s, or a side effect of the medication. This dream wasn’t unduly violent, although it was vivid (not, I think, unusually so). I rather enjoyed it.

Anyway, here are the Electric Prunes, from whom I borrowed the post title:


3 thoughts on “I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)

  1. The plot, such as it was, involved me and some friends driving down from Scotland (for some reason) to London, parking up, having an adventure (which might have involved rescuing someone) in a run-down shopping centre, running away from the baddies and driving off with two of the indeterminate guys in the boot because they wanted to get away from the baddies as well. Then we got stopped by the police because there were too many people in the car. At this point, the action switched to a hospital cafeteria where the baddies were being fended off by two of my colleagues in adventure by means of a beverage slick on the floor (suitably marked by those yellow warning signs) and hand-flung bottles of chocolate milk.

  2. hadn’t come across the term parasomias before, interesting area. As someone who often has vivid dreams, occasionally violent dreams and sometimes terrifying dreams, it’s something that occupies a bit of my thinking time. How do you envisage yourself in dreams? I had my hair dyed black for several years, but it wasn’t until after I’d stopped dying it that the dream image of me had black hair. How your body appears seems to be somewhat random though.

    I hope the dreams remain interesting rather than worrying and that you and the family enjoy Christmas.

    • Often my self-image is sort of neutral. I don’t even know how long my hair was (I’m currently growing it, after keeping it short for some years). There don’t seem to be many mirrors in my dreams; I usually just am. However, this is the first time that I recall the Parkinson’s turning up; usually I am fit and able (often moreso than I have ever been!). And my car was definitely my car – my red, boxy, ex-Post-Office Kangoo, complete with rubber matting on the floor.

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