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I must confess that my back has not been entirely right for some time. But I realise that the tension across my shoulders is most likely to be Parkinson’s-related, and I know that it’s something I’m probably just going to have to put up with. But a few weeks ago, something happened to my lower back – it may have been related to moving a big box of books (or it may not) – and I started getting sharp pains, when I leant at a certain angle, that were totally different.

I tried waiting for the pains to go away. I tried mild pain killers (paracetamol, ibuprofen). Still there. Painkillers had little effect. It seemed to get better as the day wore on and I went about my usual activities. Exercise seemed to help – but not running (too jarring), and I didn’t fancy cycling either (too fixed in a bent position). Walking good. Yoga OK, mostly. Housework quite painful. Painting (pictures), thankfully, quite acceptable, but probably not beneficial with respect to my back.

But the pains still came back. So yesterday I went to the doctor’s. The chap I saw is very agreeable (almost overly so; you suggest a cause and he says yes, that’s probably it. Must stop putting ideas in his head). He gave me a prescription for co-codamol (paracetamol with codeine) and some cautions about using it, and suggested swimming. Oh, and he agreed that being distinctly lopsided and stiff with Parkinson’s has probably inhibited the natural recovery. Probably.

Must make time to get to a pool. I know he’s right about that one. Even without the back pain.


9 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Could be a facet lesion, a tear in one of the tiny ligaments attached to discs. Time and painkillers should fix it if that’s the problem. Go easy on it to give it a chance to heal.

  2. Same thing with me. I don’t remember injuring my back, but it hurts when I bend to pick something up or tie a shoelace. Not sure how long it has been like this – months now. Lower back. It’s worst when I’ve just woken up. Stretching exercises help a lot – but it won’t go away.
    I don’t think it’s parky related, though – but who can tell?

  3. Swimming is lovely although I haven’t been for ages. I hope your back omproves. Have you been to the Physio? I was referred by my Parkinson’s nurse. Very helpful and good exercises. Take care.

    • Thank you, Quarkee. My physio is brilliant – but as I had convinced myself this wasn’t directly related to Parkinson’s, I thought I’d see the GP first. What gets me about swimming is all the faff associated with it – I have to drive to the pool, then there’s getting changed etc. And that’s after I’ve worked out when is a good time to visit that particular pool. I really must, though.

  4. I had really bad back problems: spondylolisthesis and stenosis, resulting in back surgery in December of last year. This covered up my Parkinson’s symptoms for many months because I thought the stiffness, slowness and tiredness was related to my back. But then the tremor and micrographia gave away the PD. I workout with a trainer twice a week and do weight training and muscle training for my back, and although I don’t like to do it, it has been very helpful for my back. I also rest my back and my PD about an hour every afternoon, and that seems to help too. My back feels really good now, I used to cry myself to sleep at night with the pain.
    I’m with you about the swimming, there is a lot of preparedness both pre-and post-swim. But it does sound lovely if you could find a warm pool. Thank you so much for your postings, I always look forward to them.

    • I’m glad that your back has been sorted out, Jeanie. We tend to forget how important our backs are until they don’t work properly…

      I think mine is getting better. (And it’s not just the painkillers, ‘cos I’ve only taken one co-codamol and that was ten hours ago!)

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