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Ropinirole Diary and ‘Flu Jab


No photograph of the tablet strip today, I’m afraid. But the message is the same: not much in the way of detectable changes after 3 weeks of 4 mg Requip XL. I tried the Automatic Watch Test on Sunday and didn’t last the day – the watch didn’t actually stop, it just slowed down and lost time (sounds a bit like me; I do both of those things on a regular basis). I had a more active day last Sunday, which probably explains the difference.

In other news, I had my ‘flu jab yesterday. Not much happened, apart from somebody blocking somebody else in in the apparently overcrowded car park. I walked there, so I hadn’t paid it much mind, but I suppose that there were more patients because of the ‘flu clinic, and I imagine that – many of them being older people – even a few of the people who live in the village drove. Both of the ladies involved were A Bit Posh, and both were quite indignant, albeit separately.

The jab itself was virtually painless and didn’t cause a reaction. Because it was my first time, I was asked to lurk in the waiting room for 10 minutes, “in case you keel over”. I didn’t, and fortunately there was an interesting article in a photography magazine for me to read (a huge improvement over the standard celebrity gossip and country life type of fare, it has to be said).


3 thoughts on “Ropinirole Diary and ‘Flu Jab

  1. I haven’t had mine yet. They ‘broker’ a batch at my surgery. Hence the delay.

  2. I’m sure it won’t be long.

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