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Mervyn Peake Awards: It’s in the post

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I parcelled up my Mervyn Peake entry today and took it to the Post Office. On checking the rules, I was slightly disconcerted by the size restrictions for the art category; the maximum size is 40 x 50 cm. Can you guess how big my canvas is? Exactly 40 x 50 cm (or, at least that’s what the label said when I bought it). It’s the biggest size of canvas that I have taken up the hill to date – possibly the biggest that it is practical to lug up hills on the back of a rucksack. Phew! Just fits!

I’ve posted it in its going-up-the-hill cardboard box, which was custom made by yours truly. I needed a new 40 x 50 box, anyhow – this one should be strong enough, but design flaws (mine) made it difficult to use and not enormously good with wet paint.


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